Businesses, consumers at risk from poorly understood terms & conditions statements 

A new report by the Council cautions that complexity of privacy and terms and conditions statements can put consumers and businesses at risk and undermine trust. Learn more about the report. Listen to online interview with the report's author.


Public expects capable consumer role in internal trade consultations

Awareness of federal-provincial governments' work on internal trade issues is low among Canadians, but, the more they learn, the more they expect capable representation for consumers. New Council research highlights consumer issues at play and the challenges to providing that representation. Learn more. Download the report.


Report Identifies Risks With Unlicensed Online Payday Lenders

Canadians seeking sources of payday loans or to arrange a payday loan online are more likely to encounter unlicensed lenders than licensed, legally compliant ones, research shows.

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The unthinkable has been preserved. What can you do?

People are finding damaging information about themselves on the Internet, and they may not know what to do about it. A Consumers Council of Canada research project entitled “Canadian Consumers: Online Reputations, Awareness, Misuse and Repair” investigated the industry that has emerged to manage and fix reputations online. The report also suggests ways consumers can manage their online reputations proactively and reactively. Learn more | Download the Report

Retailers' Smartphone Apps Evaluated

A Consumers Council of Canada report concludes new smartphone apps of Canadian "bricks and mortar" retailers can help consumers get good deals, fail to deliver some important information and provide product reviews that can be useful if read critically. Learn moreDownload the report

Class Action Lawsuit Watch

October 2015

Did You Borrow a Loan from The Cash Store, Instaloans or LoansAlberta Inc.?

Oct 21, 2015 1:11 PM

Between 2004 and 2015, 8 class action lawsuits were filed in connection with loans offered by The Cash Store, Instaloans and LoansAlberta Inc. across Canada. A Class Action Settlement has been reached. Please read this notice

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Did you take a payday loan from The Cash Store or Instaloans in Ontario on or after September 1, 2011?

Oct 8, 2015 10:00 AM

Class action lawsuits initiated in Ontario by Harrison Pensa LLP against companies formerly known as The Cash Store and Instaloans, some of their directors and officers, some of their lenders, and a group of companies known as “DirectCash” have settled for more than $10 million dollars. 

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The Commissioner for Complaints in Telecommunications Services (CCTS) helps resolve consumers' problems with Canada's telecommunications (e.g. home and mobile phones, Internet) services providers and soon television services (e.g. cable) providers, too. What has been your experience with CCTS?
I contacted CCTS about a problem and they helped me.    0.0%
I contacted CCTS about a problem and they were of no help.    0.0%
I'm just learning CCTS exists.    33.3%
I've heard of CCTS but haven't used their service.    66.7%


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