Privacy Policy

The Consumers Council of Canada (the Council) recognizes the Right to Privacy of Personal Information as a fundamental consumer right.

  1. The Council respects the privacy of the personal information of its members and will keep such information confidential.
  2. The Council will appoint an individual to be responsible for implementation of its Privacy of Personal Information Policy.
  3. The Council will collect personal information needed for the purposes of communicating with its members.
  4. If the Council needs to use personal information for any other purposes, they shall be clearly stated and the Council will seek explicit consent in advance for the disclosure of that personal information.
  5. The Council will only use collected personal information for the purposes intended and stated.
  6. The Council may disclose non-identifiable information; for example, anonymous or aggregated data.
  7. The Council will ensure, to the best of its ability, the accuracy of personal information collected from its members.
  8. Members may access their personal information held by the Council to ensure its accuracy.
  9. The Council will adhere to best practices to ensure the security of personal information, including disposal of data.
  10. All complaints made about the handling of personal information will be properly investigated and any necessary corrective action taken.

April 2009