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The Consumers Council of Canada's commitment to good governance, excellence in research, and its consultative, fact-based approach provide the foundation for its engagement of consumer issues. The Council builds consumer networks to support its understanding and advocacy around issues it engages. As such, the Council has been an active participant in the Canadian Consumer Initiative.

The Council often leads in addressing emerging areas of consumer concern.

The Council works to improve consumer understanding and actual experience in marketplaces and issues important to everyday life. The Council has advocated around a wide range of issues, including energy prices and conservation, home construction quality, health care, product safety, point-of-sale practices, advertising standards, corporate social responsibility, online reputation, Internet retailing, and privacy and security on mobile devices, to name a few issue areas.

The Council advises on consumer representation and provides qualified participants to government, business and the not-for-profit sector. It trains individuals to become effective, principled consumer representatives.

The Consumers Council of Canada fosters public and private discussion about issues of concern to consumers, develops consumer policy and advocates for its policies, and seeks to expand consumer representation so issues of importance to Canadian consumers are addressed.

This section of the Council's website offers information and recommendations about some of the issues receiving the Council's attention.

Some Examples of the Council's and its Members' Ongoing Representation of Consumers




Advertising Standards Canada

Board of Directors


Advertising Standards Canada

Children's Clearance Committee


Independent Electricity System Operator

IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee


Hydro One Networks

Customer Advisory Board


Canadian Payments Association

Stakeholder Advisory Council

Financial Services


North American Regional At-Large Organisation


Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CFIA Consumer Association Roundtable


Competition Bureau

Fraud Prevention Forum

Fraud Avoidance

Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board

Board of Directors


Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes

Commission member


Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Building Code Technical Advisory Committee


Standards Council of Canada

Consumer Panel


Technical Standards and Safety Authority

Consumer Advisory Council

Standards Enforcement

Commissioner for Complaints in Telecommunications Services

Consumer Representatives Working Group (Unofficial)


Travel Industry Council of Ontario

Board of Directors


Canadian Standards Association

Consumer Representation


Waste Diversion Ontario

Board of Directors

Waste Management

Ontario Securities Commission

Investors Advisory Panel

Financial Services

Canadian Partnership on 
Public Policy-Oriented Consumer Interest Research

Partner/Executive Committee


In addition to the above, the Council is active as an intervenor on behalf of retail consumers concerning applications before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and the Ontario Energy Board.


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