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Register calendar feed for inclusion in Consumer Agenda

Organizations with a consumer protection mandate are eligible contributors to event and milestone information on the Consumers Council of Canada's Consumer Agenda that they know will interest consumer protection professionals, consumer interest researchers and consumers themselves.

If you are:

  • another consumer group,
  • an authorized source of public and legal notices,
  • a Public Policy Oriented Consumer Interest Researcher,
  • an organization involved in consumer interest research and publishing,
  • a delegated authority with a consumer protection role,
  • a dispute resolution or ombuds service,
  • a government regulator,
  • a police force,
  • a recognized not-for-profit organization devoted to marketplace literacy, protection, supervision and standards, or
  • a self-regulatory organization

then please register to have your calendar feed of events and milestones information considered for inclusion in the Consumers Council of Canada's Consumer Agenda.

We'll contact you about any terms and conditions that may apply.




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