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Consumer representation, benefits in trade highlighted on Trudeau-Obama agenda

Mar 10, 2016 8:30 PM

The Consumers Council of Canada has called for and conducted research that has demonstrated the importance of a focus on consumer representation and benefits in harmonized regulations facilitating global trade. No more important trading relationship exist for Canadian consumers than the Canada-U.S. one. With this in mind the Council wishes to bring notice to the inclusion of this subject on the agenda of the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States upon the occasion of the Prime Minister’s state visit to the U.S.
The Prime Minister’s Office reported today an intention to “bring together a business, consumer and expert group on regulatory cooperation to ensure an ongoing focus on consumer and industry benefits and on international regulatory cooperation developments. This will allow for a greater emphasis on the consumer benefits of regulatory cooperation.”  More information is available by clicking here.
If well executed, an initiative of this kind could reduce marketplace irritants and enhance consumer protection for U.S. and Canadian consumers.
The support of Canadian consumers for consumer representation in trade-related matters was identified in recent Consumers Council of Canada research. The Council’s research explored this issue, as well, with key informants within business and at the provincial and federal levels of government. Click here to download that research.
Canadian consumers and other stakeholders have high expectations for the quality of consumer representation in trade-related regulatory harmonization initiatives, the research found. Appropriate resourcing of consumer groups is a key element in meeting the expectations of Canadians.
“The Council places great significance on the fact the matter was on the agenda of the Prime Minister and the President,” said Council President Aubrey LeBlanc. “We look forward to continuing to share the Council’s perspectives and expertise on the needs of Canadian consumers.”

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