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Consumers Council of Canada calls upon the Government of Canada to better protect banking consumers in Canada both before and after ‘the sale’ with stronger regulatory oversight and enforcement and by ending banks’ ability to choose their own dispute resolver.

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Consumers Council of Canada President Don Mercer has written the Hon. Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance Canada, to make him aware of Council views related to reform of the Canadian Payments Act, contained in the Council's report: Updating the Canadian Payments Act – A Consumer Perspective Spotlight

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The consumer interest in trade and how it’s conducted, and whether the public interest is fully considered, will only get effective expression through consumer groups in the future, as a consequence of today’s decision in New Brunswick v. Comeau.

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The Consumers Council of Canada has released a letter sent to first and finance ministers, in which it joins with FAIR Canada and CARP in expressing its concern about the potential for a compromise of investor and consumer protection inherent in some proposals for the cooperative capital markets regulator.

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Governments are slowly moving to move on mountain of consumer protection problems, many of which could have been avoided to start with by having strong, properly resourced consumer group representation in legislative and regulatory processes.

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