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Rail carrier no longer accepting cash onboard most common routes

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Credit, Financial Services, Payments, Public Transportation, Right-Information, Right-Choice, Right-Education, Beware  

Choking hazards and drawstrings top the list of problematic gifts

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Clothing, Public Safety, Right-Product Safety, Right-Information, Right-Redress, Beware  

Flagship TVO program addresses counterfeits and pirated media, topics of recent Consumers Council research

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Copyright, Financial Services, Information Technology, Media & Culture, Payments, Trade, Focus-Digital Economy, Right-Basic Needs, Right-Information, Right-Choice, Right-Redress, Right-Education, Beware, Research  

What keeps unit pricing from becoming a standard industry practice? Outside Quebec, it's not required.

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Food, Weights and Measures, Focus-Food Information, Right-Basic Needs, Right-Information, Right-Choice, Right-Education, Beware, Research  

Disappearing provincial regulations place more responsibility on consumers

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Clothing, Right-Product Safety, Right-Information, Beware  
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