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New research on ways that Canadians try to resolve their consumer problems. It examines patterns in the decision to access the formal legal system to resolve one or more consumer problems, based on ethnicity, level of education and income.

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Consumers Council of Canada members were involved providing consumer representation involving two recent high-profile national standards efforts just completed and with the potential to benefit consumers.

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The Consumers Council of Canada is waiting to hear from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency about a report by the Globe and Mail of flaws in Canada's food safety system. All we can say, is that the observable lack of urgency to respond to this report leads to the conclusion the Council cannot vouch for the food safety system at this time.

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Lives lived closer together present big new challenges and hoped-for opportunities for Canadians – particularly families – as they seek, own or rent homes.

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New report funded by the .CA Community Investment Program recommends taking practical steps to clarify privacy and terms and conditions statements, to bolster consumer confidence.

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