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The Consumers Council of Canada has chosen its board of directors for 2018-19 and released its Annual Report of Activities 2017-18.

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The consumer interest in trade and how it’s conducted, and whether the public interest is fully considered, will only get effective expression through consumer groups in the future, as a consequence of today’s decision in New Brunswick v. Comeau.

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As never before, Canadian consumers must vigilantly compare prices and know who and what’s behind the price offers made to them, because powerful artificial intelligence could be used to construct and control access to those offers.

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Research Announcements, Right-Basic Needs, Right-Information, Right-Choice, Right-Privacy  

Most Canadian consumers are unaware of a key feature of electronic payments services they commonly use that can protect them from losing their money if they don’t get what they ordered, it’s not what they ordered, or what they ordered doesn’t work.

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Research Announcements, Credit, Financial Services, Payments, Right-Redress  

Lawyer Paul Bates, Consumers Council of Canada member and former board member, joins Investor Advisory Panel of the Ontario Securities Commission.

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