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Cyber Threats to Mobile Device Users

Developments of Interest on this page are curated by volunteer members of the Council's issues committee focused on the impact of changes in information technology on consumer rights and responsibilities. This collection is part of the committee's ongoing attention to this subject and does not necessarily represent positions of the Council or the views of the curators.

The curators are:

HOWARD DEANE, CPA, CA, is a Principal with Acme Metric Company, consulting in social media, web analytics, knowledge management and search engine optimization. He has 30 years of experience, primarily with KPMG where he was Chief Knowledge Officer (Canada), managing significant portions of their knowledge and research functions. He has researched several projects for the Council including Creditors Insurance, Renovation Ripoffs, Online Reputation Management and Retail Apps on Smartphone Retail Apps, and Expanding Membership through Social Media

DENNIS HOGARTH, FCPA, FCA, CIPP, CISM, is an experienced IT Security and Data Privacy professional. He was appointed a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1994 for his significant contribution to the CA profession in identifying emerging uses of IT. Dennis has more than 38 years of business experience, including 27 years in international leadership positions as a KPMG Partner. A pioneer and leader in innovative uses of digital information and management of associated risks, for the past decade he has identified and managed enterprise risks in many multinational projects involving new and emerging technologies. He defined and implemented global IT strategy and policies and identified, recommended and documented procedures and minimum standards for managing risks relating to the international management of information and knowledge throughout KPMG globally. Dennis has led the Council's research regarding Emerging Cyber Threats of Mobile Devices.

SIMON WONG, M.I., B.Sc., is an information professional with a focus on the complex interplay between business needs and information systems. He has been involved in the design and implementation of a variety of information system projects, including the Public Policy and Governance Portal spearheaded by the University of Toronto, and the OCREB Online system under the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. Simon established the Council's Facebook page, and works with other committee members on social media and research initiatives of interest. 

Developments of Interest

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Council, working with Public Interest Advocacy Centre, granted leave to intervene in case by the Supreme Court of Canada.

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Council report finds Canadian consumers feel cautious about using online reviews of products and services used by other consumers, but nonetheless feel information from this source if carefully considered makes them more savvy shoppers.

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Consumer group Option consommateurs is releasing a video series on YouTube called "A Moment of Privacy".

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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission upholds and enhances dispute resolution for telecom and TV consumers.

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New report funded by the .CA Community Investment Program recommends taking practical steps to clarify privacy and terms and conditions statements, to bolster consumer confidence.

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Related Research


This research focused on identifying current and emerging risks and trends of cyber threats on mobile devices to the Canadian consumer; determining the nature and awareness and understanding of these risks by Canadian consumers and how, if at all, they can mitigate such risks; and recommending actions to be taken by consumers and consumer organizations, regulatory bodies, application developers and the developers of mobile operating environments to help protect the Canadian consumer. Download.


A research project on the phenomenon of consumers' online identities being misused by others resulting in potential damage to a consumer's reputation, with a focus on the services of reputation repair offered by various organizations and businesses. This research conducted a practical and useful evaluation of products and services purporting to help Canadians find and/or manage their online information and reputation. Download


Research examining the emerging trend of large retailers in providing product and purchase information through smartphone applications. It identifies information that consumers use at point of purchase of products and the extent to which these applications meet their needs. Download





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