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Consumer Representation

Consumers Council of Canada, operating within a formal governance structure and publicly stated principles, seeks to provide consumers fact-based representation to ensure their diverse concerns are considered in the decision-making of governments and in the practices of business. Currently the Council seeks to accomplish this in an environment that makes consumer representation challenging. Many of the mishaps of government and business that negatively impact consumers, unnecessarily harming the reputations of governments and business, result from inadequate consumer representation.

Governments and business sometimes pick and choose consumer representatives without due consideration for their legitimacy, experience or professionalism, and too few government departments, delegated authorities and self-regulatory institutions and businesses live up to their professed recognition of the need for consumer engagement by appropriately supporting the inclusion of informed consumers in their decision-making processes.

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Of course, consumers can act on their own to strengthen the representation of their interests in the economy by becoming involved directly in the Consumers Council or donating to support its objectives. The Consumers Council of Canada encourages Canadians who support its operating principles to become involved with its activities and financially support its aims.

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