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Individual Membership Application

Please complete and submit the following membership application. Approved applicants will receive an invoice for payment of membership fees.

Age (Must be 18 years of age or older): *
Highest level of education completed: *
Which of the following activities have you been involved in within your community?
Education (PTA, Alumni Association, etc.): 

Professional Association: 

Advocacy (eg. environment, health, consumer, etc.): 

Community (eg United Way, Rotary, coaching, etc.): 

Special Interest (eg homelessness, violence, seniors, etc.): 

How familiar are you with the following consumer issues?
Energy (prices, conservation, etc.): 

Food Safety (labelling, genetically modified foods, etc.): 

Healthcare (medical practice, drugs, service, etc.): 

Fraud and scams: 

Financial Services (banking, credit, investing, etc.): 

Privacy (data security, etc.): 

Have you ever taken any of the following actions?: 
Written a letter to the editor
Contacted an elected official on a matter of concern
Filed a complaint with a company or ombudsman
Attended a community information meeting

Have you ever been a member of a consumer organization?: 

The Council is often asked to recommend individuals as consumer representatives on committees, boards and councils. Would you be interested in volunteering in this manner?: 

Would you be interested in being a member of a council committee?: 

Would you like to receive e-mail notification of Council activities?: 

Consumers Council of Canada Member Commitment Statement
As a member of the Consumers Council of Canada, I acknowledge that I support the Eight International Consumer Rights of Basic Needs, Safety, Information, Choice, Representation, Redress, Consumer Education and a Healthy Environment. I furthermore acknowledge the support of the Consumer's Right to Privacy. All applications are reviewed by the Council's Board of Directors. Membership approval is at the sole discretion of the Consumers Council of Canada Board of Directors.

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