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Slow pace of regulatory reform to protect investors and absence of investor representation at new securities regulator highlighted in Ontario Securities Commission's Investor Advisory Panel annual report.

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Consumers Council of Canada president named to payments-system-related federal committee

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A class action was commenced in Ontario on behalf of residents of Canada who used coin counting machines at The Toronto Dominion Bank (“TD Bank”) alleging that the machines did not properly count the deposited coins. A settlement of the class action has been reached with TD Bank for $555,000. The settlement is subject to court approval. The settlement is not an admission of liability, fault, or wrongdoing.

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Consumers Council of Canada research finds a specific segment of consumers buy most of the extended product protection plans sold on major household durables.

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The Consumers Council of Canada welcomes a measure in the Fall Economic Statement signalling the government heard consumer opposition to unfair banking dispute rules: banks should not be able to choose their own referees in disputes with their customers.

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