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Consumers Council of Canada's work on housing related issues in recent years has been influenced by initiatives at all levels of government to respond to climate change. A significant part of the Council's work has centred around the development of a more energy efficient building code, and gauging likely impacts on and acceptance by consumers of measures to promote energy efficient housing.

More recently the Council has explored the direct and indirect impact on consumers of urban planning objectives promoting residential intensification.

Council consumer representation and research has addressed:

  • Residential intensification
  • Home energy efficiency
  • Consumer views on sustainable consumption
  • Home renovation problems
  • New home warranty programs

If you are concerned about consumer protection in housing, the Council encourages you to get involved.

Please contact us if you have some information you believe will assist the Council's representation of consumers about housing-related issues.

Recent Developments

Canadians want clear, simple, trustworthy and actionable information to assist them when they buy a new or resale home and to assist them in making decisions to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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Canadians acting to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient want to do so informed about what’s best for them rather than simply because they feel either incentivized or subject to market pressure.

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Half of Canadian consumers say they have participated in government- or utility-organized programs to improve home energy efficiency and most of them were satisfied with the outcome,

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