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Operating Principles

The Consumers Council of Canada, a non-profit, voluntary organization, is working towards an improved marketplace for consumers in Canada. It seeks an efficient, equitable, effective and safe marketplace in which consumers are able to exercise their rights and responsibilities. The Council has been a member of the Canadian Consumer Initiative.

The Council advocates for the charter of International Consumer Rights, to which it has added a ninth, the Right to Privacy, and they include:

  • The right to safety.
  • The right to choose.
  • The right to be heard.
  • The right to be informed.
  • The right to consumer education.
  • The right to consumer redress.
  • The right to a healthy environment.
  • The right to basic needs.
  • The right to privacy.

The Consumers Council of Canada is committed to:

A Voice for Consumers: We endeavor to be a voice for consumers across Canada.

Listening to Consumers: We work to listen to consumers and develop policy consistent with what we are told.

Consumer Empowerment: We provide leadership in educating and informing consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

Integrity: We endeavour to conduct our business in ways that are consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Stakeholder Involvement: We actively seek the advice of a broad range of stakeholders, including other consumer groups, and assess the specific suggestions made, to incorporate, where appropriate, their advice into the Council's policies and programs.

Excellence in Client and Member Services: We strive to provide the high levels of service to our clients and members.

Financial Sustainability.

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