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Be An Engaged Researcher

As a Public Policy Oriented Consumer Interest Researcher the Consumers Council of Canada wants to help you take action to increase your awareness of consumer issues, learn about other researchers and their work, mobilize the knowledge you have created with the public, consumer groups and represensentatives and other PPOCIR researhers, and have your expertise recognized within the Council's research and representation.

Here's the Council's list of a eight easy actions you can take to engage with the Council and strengthen the Public Policy Oriented Consumer Interest Research Discipline.

  1. Bookmark Consumers Council of Canada website:
  2. Subscribe to the Consumers Council of Canada news feed by entering into your feed reader.
  3. Download and Read the most recent Consumers Council of Canada Annual Report of Activities to learn the points of access through which the Council may mobilize the knowledge you create.
  4. Review the Appendices of Options for a sustained institutional role for consumer organizations in internal trade harmonization initiatives to get an exhaustive list of hot topic areas for consumer interest research: Download the Report.
  5. Register for the Consumers Council of Canada e-mail list for Public Policy Oriented Consumer Interest Researchers at
  6. Join the Consumers Council of Canada’s Public Interest Network. If you are prepared to share your personal insights when the Council seeks out external insights through detailed questionnaires in support of its consumer interest policy development or research, you can sign-up to participate. This easily done from the Council's homepage:
  7. Submit your iCal compatible feed address of important research milestone dates and events for inclusion in the “Consumer Agenda” calendar of consumer interest events and milestone dates. The Council will import and sync the event feeds of trusted partners from any .ics event feed, including Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and more. We can also accommodate secure logins for partner institutions’ communications departments. The Council offers this service for free to researchers from public universities and consumer groups to create awareness of their work.
  8. Tell Us About Your Completed or New Work by completing a simple form on our website.
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