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Dynamic Pricing - Can Consumers Achieve the Benefits They Expect?

This research project's key outcomes will outline the possible harms to consumers from potentially exploitative pricing practices as retail business moves to more extensive use of dynamic pricing, what consumers can do to protect themselves, how aware they are of the risks, and what business and government can do to ensure consumers' rights are protected.

Consumer Redress, Chargebacks and Merchant Responses in Distant Transactions

This research will concern consumer attitudes and merchant responses related to disputes in e-commerce (or distant) transactions. It will examine what consumers do to reconcile disputes with merchants, how merchants respond to what consumers do, how changing accounts management and debt collection affect and are affected by these trends.

Incenting Energy Efficient Retrofits: Risks and Opportunities for Consumers

This research focuses on the risks and opportunities for consumers of home energy efficiency retrofits and renovations that are driven by government and utility incentives. This study will examine how consumers benefit from incentive programs and what risks they assume when renovations or retrofits are completed. The study will examine the safeguards governments and utilities have adopted to protect consumers from renovations that are not properly executed.

Consumers Council of Canada has received funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations for the aforementioned research. The views ultimately expressed in the final reports of this research will not necessarily be those of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada or of the Government of Canada.

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