• Building trust in the interprovincial trade reform process

    Industry Canada has awarded the Consumers Council of Canada a research grant to help identify how best to deliver effective, efficient consumer representation in the process of interprovincial trade harmonization. It's an important step forward toward securing consumers' trust that reform will work for them. Learn more.

  • Density and its Discontents

    The Council has released a Consumer Perspective 360° Report, Residential Intensification: Density and its Discontents and launched a new panel to explore the affects on consumer rights and responsibilities of Canadians' rapid adoption of high-density living. Learn More.


  • More facts please!

    Consumers value the information provided by government regulated product labelling containing energy consumption information, and there are more product performance facts they would like to know. Learn more.

  • Canadian Internet Registration
    Authority Grants Council Funding

    Consumers Council of Canada has been granted funding by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to research and recommend practical guidelines for understandable and usable online agreements. Learn More.

  • Join Us

    Join the Consumers Council of Canada. Use your expertise and personal, professional or academic interests to protect consumer rights. Our members are invited nationally to participate in consumer representation. Apply for Membership

  • Consumers deserve complete, accurate food labels

    Six leading Canadian consumer organizations have released recommendations and a report calling on the federal government to reduce food fraud and help consumers make healthy food choices by improving how packaged food is labelled. Learn more.



Ontario Condo Act review timely, important

Today in Ontario condominiums represent half of the new homes built and more than one million Ontarians call a condominium their home. Many more will join this group. With so many people choosing to live in condominiums, there is an important need for the Ontario government to review the Condominium Act, 1998, so the current and future needs of condominium owners, residents and other stakeholders are properly considered. Learn more about Ontario's initiative. Share your condo experiences. If you are a stakeholder in the future of condos in any way, consider the ways you can participate in the Consumers Council of Canada to make sure your views are heard concerning condomimium reform.

Retailers' Smartphone Apps Evaluated

A Consumers Council of Canada report concludes new smartphone apps of Canadian "bricks and mortar" retailers can help consumers get good deals, fail to deliver some important information and provide product reviews that can be useful if read critically. Learn moreDownload the report

The unthinkable has been preserved. What can you do?

People are finding damaging information about themselves on the Internet, and they may not know what to do about it. A Consumers Council of Canada research project entitled “Canadian Consumers: Online Reputations, Awareness, Misuse and Repair” investigated the industry that has emerged to manage and fix reputations online. The report also suggests ways consumers can manage their online reputations proactively and reactively. Learn more | Download the Report

Many Factors Influence Gasoline Prices

The factors influencing gasoline prices can be complex. Different specific factors may influence gasoline prices at different times. Click here for a generalized introduction to gasoline pricing in Canada.

Working together as the Consumers Council of Canada our members form the most active, Canada-wide multi-issue consumer group. The Council helps business and government manage today’s consumer issues. The Consumers Council of Canada aims to create an efficient, equitable, safe and effective marketplace.


Do you believe more detailed and specific food ingredient information should be available on the package label for processed foods?
Yes    89.6%
No    7.5%
Available online instead    1.2%
Not sure    1.7%


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Age 18-35?

The Young Consumers Network is a volunteer group of young Ontarians aged 18 to 35 working online together on current marketplace issues through social networking. This group offers its perspective to industry and government about consumer issues and policy.
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